Tools/Tips/Greatest Hits

Here are some of my best articles, where I lay out the basics of what I’ve learned over the many years I’ve been maintaining my weight loss. I like to refer back to them when I am feeling discouraged, or need to refresh my skills after falling off the wagon, so I thought I’d link them where I could find them!

My Favorites

Lose Weight Slow, or Lose Weight Fast? What’s the “right way” to lose weight?

The Silver Bullet Theory, or, Am I a Weight Loss Failure?

The Basics

Record Keeping for Weight Loss and Weight Management

Environmental Control/Out of Sight, Out of Mind

How to BMR – What do I burn?

Low Caloric Density in Foods – Feeling Deprived is No Way to Go Through Life, Son!

Day to Day Dieting Tools to Have on Hand

Shopping and Meal Planning

Special Situations

Eating in Restaurants – (note: I don’t think I ever did a Part 2)

Traveling for Fun and Pleasure

Traveling for Business

Parties and the Holiday Festive Eating Season

It’s Winter and I Can’t Exercise Outside (and I Hate the Gym)!

Things You Always Wanted to Ask but Didn’t Know How…

All About Loose Skin (and Surgery) After Weight Loss

More to come…

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