Routine Maintenance

I’m a member of a Facebook group where several ladies share about their exercise activities. Everybody is positive and the more experienced ones recommend workouts or ideas for the ones who are newer to regular exercise. It helps to motivate everyone. And I noticed one other thing: Those who are accustomed to regular daily exercise help to normalize the idea for the newer ladies that YES, this is something we do every day, 5-6 days a week. It also helps to reinforce for an old hand like me that YES, this is something that everybody has to do, not just Big Losers like me.

I think sometimes people who don’t have an ingrained sense of how much work weight loss or maintenance can be need to see how much of a daily chore it really is. Just like brushing your teeth or going into work, it’s something that needs to be done, and it’s something that those of us who are doing it regularly often don’t bother mentioning because well, it’s a habit. I don’t come on here every day and tell you what I did, but if it’s a week day you can be sure I did something. Yesterday I ran a 5K route, today I did a 30-minute circuit training workout. Tomorrow I’m going to run again, the day after I’ll do another circuit training bout. Like clockwork.

I guess I’m like a broken record these days, but this is really working for me. Work hard, sweat, get out of breath, face red, feeling like I’m gonna die, for 30-60 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. And eat sensibly, keep it under ~1600 to 1700 calories a day, most days.

So, what do you do regularly for exercise? If you haven’t found the thing yet that you can keep doing forever, how are you looking? When’s the last time you tried something new, or something outside of your comfort zone?



I just made and ate my first transition meal – 6 oz of tofu and 1/2 cup of green beans for each of us! My husband made up a marinade for the tofu this morning and it sat in it all day, of korean soy paste, Gochujang (one of my favorite flavors of all time), and something else (?). Then when we were ready I coated an iron skillet with cooking spray and laid out the slices of tofu to cook til they were crispy on the edges, took them out then threw the green beans in the skillet with a little water, waited for the water to cook off then threw the marinade from the tofu in, upped the heat and let that cook into a nice little paste on the beans.

After almost 5 months of shakes and bars, it felt like a feast.

6 oz Tofu = 160 calories, 1/2 cup green beans = ~20, maybe.


Finished the Dirty Girl

That was my first OCR (Obstacle Course Run – I learned that today) and I had fun! I tend to shy away from group sports because I hate feeling like the slowest one, but it was a great group of women and we had a fun time staying together as a team.

The one obstacle I was most worried about was a breeze. For some reason I was really worried about the rope net ladder thingie, but it wasn’t nearly as fearsome as I’d thought. Look at us go! dirtygirlnetropetop

My sweet husband managed to get underneath the obstacle to take pictures as we went up. This is my new favorite picture of me – conquering my fears!











And here we are on the first mud-obstacle – under a net so you have no choice but to get good and grubby!









And here’s the team after first mud. I had so much fun with them today! The t-shirts all say “Muddy Valkyries” in runic script and there’s a winged helmet or something (it’s hard to see with all the mud!).









I’d definitely do one of these again, but I’m not sure I’d do a timed mud run like a Tough Mudder, for example. I liked that this was all for fun and not about competition. I don’t have a competitive nature (especially where athletics are involved) so this format was perfect for me. I am looking forward to being in better shape though, and seeing these pictures makes me doubly glad I’ve been working on losing weight and getting fitter. All my hard work is finally starting to pay off and that makes me even more motivated to keep it up!

Business Trip: Portland, OR

In Portland for work, and it’s perfect. The trees are all shades of orange and yellow for fall – so pretty! It’s so lovely I’m pondering how I could get my company to move me to the Portland office. (Answer: not very likely.) Even though food, including hitting the numerous food carts is off the table for me tonight, I’m strangely pleased about my plans for the evening. Here they are, in all their glamorous wonder, and in no particular order:

1. Hit the gym. Done. 45 minutes of walk/jog on the treadmill = 5K, and about 15 minutes of lifting heavy things.
2. Shower. Up next. Actually might skip and go straight to the bath.
3. Paint my nails (I brought the polish with me, figured I’d have some down time).
4. Bath in my bathtub (this hotel is FABULOUS. I have a big fancy bathtub and a separate shower!)
5. Read my book.

Hopefully then sleep, as I didn’t sleep at all last night due to insomnia and having to get up early for a flight (“Oh you have to be up early? Let me just wake you up every time you doze so you don’t miss your flight!” says my brain).

Back home tomorrow night, late. Then Saturday my first Mud Run/Dirty Girl 5K!

Almost done with this conference. Hallelujah!

Today wasn’t quite as great as yesterday. But, in the “win” category:

  • Room service breakfast of oatmeal and coffee
  • Mid-morning snack of an orange and some berries plus a little yogurt.
  • Lunch I mostly filled my plate with salad.
  • Skipped¬† dessert for both lunch and dinner.
  • Afternoon snack: didn’t get one.

Was inordinately hungry so my boss and I went to dinner earlier than usual, leaving me without a workout so far today. That’s ok, I’m thinking that by 9pm (a half hour away) my dinner will be settled enough for me to head over to the gym to lift some weights tonight.

I’ve eaten in more restaurants in the last week than in the previous 6 months. I’m completely tired of restaurant food, my body feels logy and bloated from all the oil and sodium, and I want my usual food routine and control back! Tomorrow I head home, so there’s that, at least.

What this blog *is* about

Today at the conference I did the following things right:

  • Ordered room service for breakfast so I could control what my food would be.
  • Picked up a banana for a snack with my mid-morning coffee.
  • Passed on the cheesecake served with lunch (Honestly, who needs a dessert with lunch??). Only ate half of the lunch lasagna I was served.
  • Ate an apple with my mid-afternoon coffee, bypassing the enormous, deliciously-fragrant cookies on offer next to the coffee.
  • Ate a kale salad and 1/4 of a chicken sandwich for dinner. No¬† alcohol with dinner today, either.
  • Ran intervals on the treadmill at the gym for 25 minutes. Ran the high-intensity intervals so hard that I could not have possibly done another when I was done.

I still have an orange in my conference-swag bag in case I get hungry later, plus I already put in my order for my oatmeal and coffee room-service breakfast for tomorrow. I’d call today a win on the weight-management-while-traveling-for-business front.

Small Measures of Success

This week I’m at a conference in San Diego, staying at a hotel all week.

Today I:

  • Chose wisely from the breakfast buffet. Including grabbing an orange to eat during the morning coffee break.
  • Didn’t eat the dessert that was served with lunch.
  • Ate an apple at the mid-afternoon coffee break instead of the chips and brownies on offer.
  • Avoided the Free Wine Trap laid out by the conference organizers at 5pm, and instead went straight up to my room to change for a workout.
  • Worked out so hard my abs are still quivering.

So that was my first full day at the conference. I probably could have done better with dinner, which was Ethiopian with my boss, but I did pass on dessert. So overall I feel like I made a preponderance of good choices today.

Funny story: At dinner there was a young couple at the table next to us. My boss says to me, making conversation, “If you won the lottery would you quit your job?” and I said, quite definitively and without a second thought, “ABSOLUTELY!” One of the young men at the other table grinned at me and I smiled, pointed to my dining companion and said, “That’s my boss.” He laughed and said, “Wow, that was an honest answer considering…!” I turned to my boss and said, “Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?” and he said, “ABSOLUTELY.” So we have an agreement.