Leveling Up on the Shred

I’ve been working through the 30-Day Shred workout DVD that I started back in February, getting back up to speed after my trip to South America and then being under the weather derailed that for a couple of weeks. But, instead of doing it every day I’ve been doing it every other or every 3rd day and interspersing other forms of activity in between, like runs and walks. That’s been working pretty well, I feel like my body is responding better on the days I do the Shred when it has had a day or two to recover from the last one.

Today I did the Level 3 workout for the first time. I feel fine. I mean, if fine can be defined as slightly nauseated, quivery, and definitely sure I’m going to be in a world of ache tomorrow. Then yeah, fine. Totally fine.

In other news, I’m still journaling and staying on target food-wise. And staying the hell off the scale, because I know there’s nothing good that can come of weighing in when I’m doing everything I can already anyway.