Planning Around My Hard Week

I had to be in the office this week, completely disrupting my exercise schedule. As I mentioned earlier, I shifted to doing my workouts in the evenings the moment I got home from work, then getting on with trumpet practice and dinner and other evening things.

Today I was able to work from home again, so back to normal. But, since I’ve been eating in restaurants with my co-worker who is in from out of town this week, I felt like a little extra oomph might be a good idea so I went with a full hour workout this morning.

That’s pretty much all I have to report – I had a schedule shake-up and I worked through it. I’m such a creature of habit so these sorts of changes really cause me to draw on the super-planning powers to try to figure out a way to still do all the self-care things I need to do.

The other thing I noticed is that after a day of sitting in an office hunched over my laptop my shoulders and neck tends to be pretty tense and sore, and doing a hard workout at the end of that really makes it feel better! Getting blood flowing loosens things up and keeps what might have turned ugly (possible migraine?) into feeling better. I must keep that in mind the next time I’m feeling tense and sore and worn out. Even though I started my workouts thinking I really wasn’t “feeling it,” I did them anyway and got rewarded by feeling better.