Still Doing It

I was talking with some friends this weekend at a party, and they joked that on the days that I don’t feel I have anything interesting to post here, I could just post “Still doing it,” as a reminder that I work on maintaining my weight every single day and just because I haven’t posted today doesn’t mean I haven’t been following the healthy eating and exercising plan.

So: I’m still doing it, every day. Watching my intake and making sure I exercise to increase my caloric expenditure. This weekend I went to several parties and gatherings, and each time I followed my Bulletproof Party Plan:

  • Eat before I go
  • Show up late
  • Leave early
  • Keep a non-caloric beverage in my hand
  • Only snack on veggies and fruit

Saturday evening I knew it was time to go when I found myself contemplating grabbing a handful of M&Ms off the food table. The first time I felt drawn that way I quickly reminded myself that it wasn’t part of the agreement I make with me about eating at parties. The second time I did the same, and the third time I stopped and examined it, and realized that I was getting these urges because I’d burned through all the willpower I had and it was time to leave. So I did.

All of this put my Monday-morning weigh-in exactly on target: 187.