MetCon 5 Post-Report

Guys I am so sore.

My glutes are screaming. Sitting down has to be approached gingerly because it means sitting on my muscles that are so sore. Standing up is also going slow because my quads are surprisingly sore. I say surprisingly because I haven’t been this sore in months. The last time I was this sore was probably a year ago when I started the 30 Day Shred program (and my first steps into at-home workouts).

Additionally my core is sore – my obliques and back most notably. Sore sore sore. MetCon 5 has humbled me thoroughly.

I am definitely doing that again! And soon!


Running Gear Rundown, and MetCon 5

Yesterday I went for a run in my new 2XU compression pants. These are the only pants I ever run in. The new version has been redesigned a bit – they’ve removed the drawstring and reinforced the waistband, and maybe some other changes (?), but the comfort is vastly improved! I use compression because of my particular situation, wherein I have a large scar that runs around my body at hip level, leaving the weight of my saddlebags to pull right on that scar. The compression pants keep everything in place and keeps the scar from getting pulled too much.

I only run in Asics, and I swear by my CW-X Stabilyx running bra. According to their measuring methods I’m a DD, which is new to me. But according to Victoria’s Secret I’m also a DD. The only conclusion I’m left with is that when I turned 40 my breasts started growing a bit. Now, I’m a large-framed person (6 feet tall) so they certainly don’t read as a large rack. But it’s a bit surprising, having been someone who relied on her wit and sarcasm all her life, to suddenly have vast tracts of land. I don’t think I like it, but I’m sure I didn’t get a choice.

Oh and socks! I love my running socks. They’re Balega Enduro 2 and I get them at my local running store.

So that’s the gear I’m currently using. I still run in a baggy old t-shirt and with an old-fashioned iPod from 2006, so I’m not all fancy gear and cutting-edge technology!

This morning I picked a strength workout on the ol’ YouTube from Jessica Smith and ended up doing something called MetCon 5. I wasn’t sure what the title meant so I googled it, and well, if The Terminator says it’s good stuff, who am I to argue? I am certainly going to be sore tomorrow – I feel like a limp noodle right now. I never expect the kinds of results that Arnie’s blog is promising, I just like to be the strongest person I can be!