Forgive me, body, for I have sinned

I made the mistake of letting treats turn into habits.

I discovered yesterday as I switched out my summer clothes for my winter clothes in my closet that my winter clothes don’t…quite…fit…right.

DAMMIT! Time for a ruthless, honest review of my eating.

And I looked at my habits over the last several weeks and months and I realized that I had let 500-600 calories per day of treats creep into my routine. PER DAY. That is ridiculous! I had let little treats throughout my work day, small indulgences I was allowing myself to distract from the unpleasantness of my workday, to harden into daily habits. So now, if I cut those 500 calories per day and do nothing else to change anything, I should drop some pounds (slowly) without too much effort.¬†Which I’ve started doing as of this morning. If I add in some additional exercise, then maybe I can do more.

My goal is to lose 10 pounds by January 5th. That’s 11 weeks away, so I’ll need to stay on target, which could be a real challenge with the holidays coming right at us. I’ll be tracking my input by journaling, and working harder on getting exercise into my day via running, hitting the gym, riding my bike to work, and walking more.

One of the things I’m noticing over the last few years is that it is extremely easy to get sidetracked from my exercise program due to physical issues as I age. I planned to hit the HIIT yesterday afternoon and do some windsprints at my local park. Except that before breakfast yesterday I was walloped with a monster migraine that didn’t let up for 24 hours. The only thing I can do, as I age and encounter physical limitations and issues, is to stay on track with my eating plans when my exercise plans get blown away. That’s hard to do because the “glue” that holds my weight management mindset together is oftentimes the mental focus that comes from exercise. Staying on track without it takes some extra discipline, planning, and grit.