I don’t have many pictures from before, but all the ones I have are here now!

Highest weight

Laina, Spring 1998-ish, Highest Weight

Laina, Spring 1998

At a Party, 1999

Laina, 1999

March 2002

March 2002


4 Responses to “Before”

  1. freewaydiva Says:

    I find it so hard to believe that this is you.

  2. Brian Says:

    Truly an amazing accomplishment! You should be proud! Congratulations on your continued success…

  3. michelle Says:

    Who is this girl? I, honestly, would never have believed that was you had you posted it. Amazing! You’ve done good girl!

  4. Pat Schultz Says:

    I am so happy to read your blog. I am in week 8 of the VLCD through UW Health and I am 35 pounds lighter. Your comments have given me the courage to know that when I am done this will be a sustainable way of life; hard but never as hard as living as an obese person. Thanks!! Pat

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