Downward Trend

It’s February and my fitness pals have mostly dropped off – nobody “likes” my MFP auto updates anymore, but I’m still here!

It’s a slooooow downward trend, but over the long term I can see that keto is working. I’m not super excited about the nonsense going on for the last 4 weeks, where every other week is UP, but if I keep my eye on the long-term trend I can see that things are happening that I like. This week I am down 4 pounds (sound awesome til you remember that last week I was up 2.5, so really it’s a pound and a half lost over the last two weeks, which is actually still really good!).

Starting from 12/26, my first day after vacation, I’m down 12.5 pounds!! Woohoo!! That’s the best I’ve seen in years! And, even though those alternating up weeks really bum me out, the program is so easy for me to follow that I sort of stick to it anyway on default because going off program is 1) more work because I don’t have any high-carb food around anymore and 2) not a big treat because I really like keto foods. I can easily treat myself within keto guidelines.

After years of VLCDs it’s a new thing for me to be content with slow, steady progress. I’d grown accustomed to big, fast drops from meal replacement programs, but I think coming to appreciate small wins is good for me. I guess it’s never too late to learn a little patience.

When I think about it, the last time I did HMR I struggled mightily to lose about 10 pounds and it took me something like 12 weeks to do it. I’m down 12.5 pounds on keto now and it has been 7 weeks. That’s the fastest loss I’ve seen in the last 5 years (ugh getting old sucks, avoid if possible!), despite the roller coaster on the scale. At least something is finally working! Now that I see the pattern I can be a little less despondent on the up weeks. Hopefully.


4 Responses to “Downward Trend”

  1. Pookyl Says:

    I find your graph encouraging because it looks like my own weight loss pattern. My weight loss journey has been very much two steps forward one step back – Iā€™m the Queen of yo-yo dieting.

  2. Pookyl Says:

    Or to put it my more accurately I do all the right things diet wise but the scales behave like a yo-yo dieter is weighing themselves.

  3. Jenny Bobbitt Says:

    so excited for you!! it’s hard to see the trends and be objective some days. But they are there! I’m on mfp also…jennytoy1

  4. Caron Says:

    I know what it is to get discouraged when the loss isn’t fast. My daughter and I have been doing low carb and higher fat. We’re doing well with it but she is battling weight gain from medications and it is slow. Still, she is happy to see a downward trend.

    I’m glad this is working for you and that it is easy to stay with it. šŸ™‚

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