It’s Normal

It’s a new day, and now I’m all read up on Post Induction Stall Syndrome. So, gaining in week 3 or 4 (this was week 4) is pretty standard and expected and I will stay the course on keto. I guess I was blindsided because I didn’t think this thing that happens to everyone who does keto applied to ME! 😉 Ha!

The interesting thing about PISS, (nice name, eh?) is that if you do a google search almost every result is a keto message board. There are not really any pages explaining it, just lots of conversations about it all over reddit and the Atkins bulletin boards. Not even a wikipedia entry.

Anyway, I am not going to change anything. A lot of the message boards suggest taking measurements in order to continue seeing a change, but for my frame, a couple of pounds one way or another is certainly not going to show up in measurements, so that’s kind of a pointless exercise. I will “keep calm and keto on,” as recommended. My first month results are a loss of 8 pounds, which is perfectly respectable for any program.


One Response to “It’s Normal”

  1. Laurie C Says:

    I like the term PISS better than “plateau”. 🙂 Are you still tracking ketone levels in your urine?

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