That’s a First!

Guys, I want to tell you something but I want to make sure you’re sitting down first, and also that you don’t freak out but instead just laugh like I am. I had my weekly weigh-in this morning. Are you ready?

I gained 9 pounds this week.


That’s crazy! How is that even possible? How much of Cake Mountain did I shovel into my face to make that happen?!

It’s definitely a record! In my life, I’ve never gained 9 pounds in a single week, and honestly there’s just no math that makes it a feasible result. I have changed NOTHING in how I ate this week vs the last 3 or 4 months. Nothing.Yes we had a three-day-weekend but I didn’t go on a full-scale cheesecake rebellion or anything. I didn’t do anything different.

I got off the scale and got back on again a time or two just to double-check and yes, I have indeed gained 9 pounds this week.

You know what changed? I went off a medication I’d been on for a while. That’s the only change in my life, and the reason was to reduce migraines – the medication was causing migraines that I couldn’t stop with my Rx medications for them.

You know what else? This completely vindicates the basic premise of the Obesity Code book: it’s not about calories in vs calories out, it’s about chemistry and hormones. I drastically changed my chemistry this week and my body reacted boldly and swiftly.

Wow. I have no idea what’s next. I have no idea if my body will settle back down or this is my new weight now.


4 Responses to “That’s a First!”

  1. yolsgaard Says:

    Ouch! That totally sucks! Hope your body resets somehow. Hugs!

  2. Laurie Cavanaugh Says:

    OMG! That would freak me right out. Has to be water, right? I mean it’s physically impossible to gain that much fat in a week.

  3. Caron Says:

    It’s good you can associate something with the weight gain. So many meds do cause weight gain, but I’d never thought about removing one and gaining weight. It may take a little while, but hopefully you’ll be back to “normal” very soon. Hang in there. 🙂

  4. Mary Kubasak Says:

    I think by now you seem to be headed to a place where you are more confident that you can affect your weight directly by your chosen actions, at which point, if there is more there than you are happy with when the disturbance settles, you can decide how much you want to get rid of, and then deal with it! It is so good to hear from you now, when you finally have a real relationship between cause and effect… it is such a positive place to be!

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