Forgot to post last week!

Sorry, I forgot to get this up last week. I was down a pound last week at Wednesday morning weigh-in. This is amazing! I wasn’t dieting or trying to lose weight, I actually felt like maybe I was over-eating a little bit last week (although some of that may just be my instincts from over a decade of depriving myself on typical diet-industry programs). I considering this a normal fluctuation, btw, of maintenance. And I am delighted!

I’m trying to figure out what to call what I do now, usually I just say, “The thing,” or “the program,” or “obesity code protocol,” but a quick snappy name would be helpful. It’s close to Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) although honestly I don’t think that’s quite right either because I don’t count any of the macronutrients (carbs, fat, or protein). I just eat healthy food and no processed anything. I’m going to post later this week a more in-depth look at what I’m actually eating, so if you’re curious what the nuts and bolts of it are, that will get its own write-up in the coming days.


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