How Dare I?

I maintained this week. I expected a huge gain, like 4 pounds, but I was exactly the same. The reason I expected a gain is because I wasn’t counting calories and exercising to exhaustion every day, which my previous 14 years of experience had led me to believe is the only way to not gain. My new world is exciting and delightful.

I had two “cheat days” last week, because Saturday one of my best friends got married and I ate whatever I wanted, including two pieces of cake – with lots of frosting (OMG I LOVE FROSTING). But no gain.

I eat so much now that I start thinking I should cut back. One of my biggest pleasures, that was denied to me for so many years of my life, is nuts. I may have a pistachio problem. I eat pistachios like candy, piles of them. The sorts of volume that I would have trembled in fear at just 6 months ago. They, clearly, are not a problem for me following the new method. I don’t even fast much, I skip breakfast a couple of days a week and that’s about it.

What all this tells me is that if I did decide I wanted to drop some pounds it would be easy because I currently feel the opposite of deprived. I feel so satisfied, so sated, that sometimes I think maybe I’m abusing my privilege, or getting away with something naughty, by eating so deliciously. How dare I enjoy my meals and eating experience so much without gaining weight and beating myself up mentally? How dare I be so happy when there are starving dieters in America?

And yet here I sit, perfectly happy with my body, not willing to cut back to drop some pounds because I love myself just the way that I am. What the hell, seriously, HOW DARE I?


3 Responses to “How Dare I?”

  1. Mary Kubasak Says:

    Congratulations! – I am so happy for you that you found this new freedom, and so grateful that you shared it with me (I got my fasting insulin level checked – 36 (apparently 2-5 are reasonable numbers) and I am trying out combining the fasting style (eat only once or twice a day) with the HMR diet “in the box” and have shed 29# in 30 days… My Dr wants me to retest fasting insulin in 3 months, as she doesn’t expect it to change very rapidly, but this already feels like it is working very differently from the “starvation” of snacking continuously)

  2. Pookyl Says:

    Well done! I’ve also been eating LCHF for 9mths now. I stopped losing weight end of last year which slightly bothers me. However, I have continued to lose centimetres. I’ve dropped a dress size, had to buy smaller underwear and smaller jeans. All since I stopped losing weight! I’d like to lose some more weight but if I’m still shrinking I guess it doesn’t matter.

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