Fasting Observations

Week four has gone pretty well. I have definitely noticed a drop-off in hunger pangs now that my body is more accustomed to both the fasting days and the longer periods between meals (ie, no snacking). The first couple of weeks I will admit I was very hungry between meals and during fasting days, some days it was distracting how hungry I felt all the time.

Today is a fasting day for me (I’ll break my fast at dinner) and it’s the best one so far. I’ve felt very little hunger, and what I did feel was easily dealt with by drinking either tea, coffee, bone broth, or sparkling water. These are my go-to options, by the way, for when I feel hungry and it’s not a mealtime.

I’ll weigh in tomorrow and I’m going to try not to get my hopes up. I’ve lost 10.5 so far and that’s about the limit when I’m working on this on my own, so it would be completely expected for me to not have lost anything this week or even to have gained. I hope that’s not the case but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much because prior experience, and I have a lot of it, tells me not to. My plan, if the scale isn’t down, is to switch up my fasts and see if that helps.

Tomorrow I have an all-day meeting I need to attend for work at a Marriott (I’m also presenting). That means I’ll cross my fingers and hope there are some lunch options I can put together without refined carbs or sugar. I’ll do my best, but my understanding about this method of eating is that it’s somewhat forgiving.

This weekend we (we = my husband and I. He’s totally on the bandwagon too) did some creative problem solving. We thought* we were going to have evening plans both days, so instead of showing up famished to dinner by fasting all day one of the days, which isn’t fun, we decided to fast until lunchtime both days. Technically I guess that’s an 18-hour fast, but in the real world we just call that skipping breakfast. We skipped the same number of meals as if we’d done a 24-hour fast one of the days, but made it work with our schedule.

(*We ended up cancelling everything because my husband got bronchitis, but the intention was there!)

In other news, I took this course on FutureLearn: Body Weight: How Our Brain, Behavior and Genetics Influence Appetite and Food Choices. It’s a three-week course if you go at their pace but I completed the material in two days. Registration is, I believe, still open, btw. It was vaguely interesting but did not conclude with any recommendations or suggestions. I guess that might be implied from the title of the course, but I always hope courses will have advice on how to apply the things you learn and this one didn’t offer anything like that. The major takeaway is that it’s complicated and no one factor causes or reverses obesity. In case you didn’t know that already.


4 Responses to “Fasting Observations”

  1. huscarl91 Says:

    This fast has been my hardest. I was hungry while I was making coffee this morning, and hungry again as soon as I got to work. In good news, my good habits and discipline got me through. I was hungry, so I went and made a coffee and a vinegar soda, et voila, good for over two hours. Did it again in the early afternoon, and then managed to successfully navigate roaming around the building attending various meetings while completely avoiding reaching my hand into any of the multiple candy bowls and donut boxes that litter the modern office workplace. I expect that, my experiences will mimic yours, on a slower schedule, where you were hungry during earlier fasts, but you got used to it, I figure I’m just now getting to the hungry places you found a couple weeks ago, and soon I’ll adjust again.

    • Laina Says:

      Yeah, I think you’re right about where I was when the hunger was the worst during the fasts. YOU CAN DO IT!! I’m so proud of you for toughing it out today!

    • Laurie Cavanaugh Says:

      Go you! What helps me most are things your wife wrote in this very blog. Things like classifying candy and donuts as “not food” in my mind. Really, humans have no business eating that stuff on a daily basis, right?

  2. Laurie Cavanaugh Says:

    Delighted that both of you are on board together! G is still reading the book, but having talked to me about it he’s making progress on the scale. I’m low-carbing in addition to the no-snacking and occasional breakfast skipping and feels like I’m in ketosis because I’m thirsty all the time and the weight is dropping. Too stressed out right now to power through a 24-hr fast, but after the wedding I’m going to try again. The vinegar soda and broth are working well when I’ve been able to have brunch and then nothing until dinner. Go us! Yay progress!

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