I Went to Antarctica and All I Got Was…

I’m back from an amazing adventure! My husband and I just went to Antarctica! Yes! For vacation! It was amazing! Guess what I got there?

Penguins!! In Antarctica!

Penguins!! In Antarctica!

Fat. I got fat.

Ha ha! Just kidding! That’s a pre-existing condition for me. Like, they should have printed it on my birth certificate. But 9 days on a cruise ship, in which 4 of those are days you don’t get off the boat at all (the Drake Passage, two days to cross each way) and they feed you gourmet food the whole time, will completely exacerbate the problem. I did my part, obviously, not having dessert with every meal, choosing the lighter options where I could. But a lot of times the options were…pastries. And a lot of times I wasn’t doing my best work. It happens.

Anyway, I got fat, beyond the point of denial, beyond the point at which I can reasonably look at a picture of me and tell myself “everything is fine I look good,” and it’s time to Deal With It.

Except I also caught a cold, whose hallmark is a phlegmy, hacking cough, which causes coughing fits so bad it gives me a migraine. Yeah, that’s been today. So I can’t start today with any sort of exercise. But I can start with the food side, which is, as I always say, 80% of the equation. I already hit the grocery store to stock up and fruits and veggies. Upside: I’m totally sick of carbs and sweets right now due to the recent indulgences, so lean meats, veggies, fruits, and steely determination it is!

I’ll weigh myself tomorrow morning and see where I’m starting from and how much I need to lose once I know where I am.

Here we go again. Let’s get it done.


One Response to “I Went to Antarctica and All I Got Was…”

  1. Laurie Cavanaugh Says:

    This is, as you say, a lifetime project. Glad you had a lovely vacation!

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