That Inking Feeling, Part 2: Completed

MariaSince I’m posting again (I guess?), I went back to review my last few posts and realized I left you all hanging. I never posted a pic of the thigh piece I was getting this summer/fall. I mentioned it in my post about my difficult relationship with my thighs, and how much the ink helped me to mend that, in early August, but now that it’s done I thought I’d share the final product.

I do still intend to get the other one done, but I haven’t thought of a compelling idea, theme, or image yet. Having art that I love there helps a lot to counteract some of my negative feelings toward a part of my body that feels like it’s always been at war with me.

Anyway, her name is Maria.


One Response to “That Inking Feeling, Part 2: Completed”

  1. Caron Says:

    That is amazing. My daughter has so many tattoos and I’ll admit I don’t understand it all. Anyway, they make her happy and I’ll bet they make you happy too. đŸ™‚

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