There’s Only One Sure-Fire Program

Something that drives me absolutely batty is knowing how different everybody reacts to the same stimuli, and then watching “experts” recommend the same program for everyone.

The fact is, we’re all working with our own little chemistry lab, and they’re all set up a little bit differently. So when I see somebody make a blanket recommendation that everyone should do “X” diet (keto, Atkins, HGH, HMR, Weight Watchers, etc) because it worked for them, I get a little annoyed.

What worked for you won’t work for me, and vice versa! The sad, annoying, frustrating reality is that we each have to put in the effort, through trial and error, to figure out what will work for our body. I can’t tell by looking at you what will work for you, you can’t tell what will work for me. You have to figure it out, and only you can do that work. I had to figure it out, I’m still figuring it out, and I’m the only one who can do that. Until we have better tests!

Science bears this out – two people can follow the exact same plan and get different results. Enjoy this article about that:

Why do people put on differing amounts of weight?

I might gain three pounds while you lose 5 eating the exact same things! So if anybody tells you they know the magic diet program that will work for everyone, that’s a sign they’re a huckster. It shows how little they actually know about this crazy weight management game. Figure out what works for you, and make it work forever. That’s the only known fix.


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