Group Hikes, Color, and Prophylactic Exercise

I went for a hike yesterday with a group of friends, and it was really nice! This isn’t really news, but for me it’s unusual. I’m a solo exerciser. I actively dread working out with others – running in particular for me is a solitary endeavor, but exercise classes too can be fraught for me. I’m highly introverted to begin with, was hugely bullied growing up as a fat kid (PE class was the stuff of nightmares), so I generally want to be alone to exercise.

But, with the right group of people, it can be fun. There were 6 of us, and it turned into a really nice time. It was interesting to see the groups shifting as we moved along, I think I ended up walking with each person individually for a bit, and with different configurations of three and four people throughout the ninety minute walk. Also great to get to catch up with friends face to face. I burn about 630 calories hiking for 90 minutes. Bonus!


Fun new hair!

This morning I did a light 30 minute workout for only one reason – because if I don’t my body will hurt all day. It’s true, by paying close attention over the last year or so I’ve discovered that most days NOT working out is worse than just getting anything done. I’ve noted that getting moving and sweating lubricates my joints (or something!) and makes everything hurt less for the rest of the day. So even if I’m not “feelin’ it” I do it anyway, and usually feel better afterwards.

I also got some crazy color for my hair on Friday night and you know what? That stuff bleeds for a while. My white towels are gonna be a bit pink-stained this week. The Hair Whisperer and I are calling this “business punk” – like business casual but it’ll kick your teeth in if it has to.

I’ll find out tonight how things are progressing. I’m feeling good but getting tired of being “special” where food is concerned.


2 Responses to “Group Hikes, Color, and Prophylactic Exercise”

  1. Figgy Says:

    Haha, I colored my hair business-violet on Saturday!

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