Weight Management Today

First: I just got back from a basic maintenance run. This is what the bulk of my running workouts can be classified as – basic bodily maintenance. Unlike a lot of other runners, I’m not trying to improve my time, distance, or, really anything. I’m just running because it needs to be done and checked off on my list. I think it’s important to know that exercise doesn’t have to be an all-out balls-to-the-wall intense-focus session all the time. Or even most of the time. Sometimes it just needs to be done so you can move on to the next item on your agenda for the day. I got out, I ran ~3ish miles, and now I’m gonna shower and get on with my day.

Next: I haven’t been posting as much lately because I’ve been working on some other projects which may or may not bear fruit in the coming months. I’ll try not to go dark on you for too long – don’t drop me! I’ll still be checking in! Working on managing my health and weight isn’t something I’m ever going to stop doing, even when I’m not writing about it as much I’m still doing it.

Finally: I’m going on a cruise this summer for the first time ever. My pal Rick Steves says some people gain up to a pound a day on cruises. EGAD! Not me (I hope)! But, since I have no idea what to expect – hit me with your best tips on how to avoid the gain and eat healthily on a cruise! Will I have access to fruits and veggies throughout the day, or is it going to be a cream-and-butter drenched fiesta of temptation all day every day? How do you balance vacation with smart choices when you’re a captive audience to a cruise chef?



6 Responses to “Weight Management Today”

  1. Trystan Says:

    Research the cruise line – they’re all different! Going to Antarctica, I ate super healthy (plus the 2 landings a day meant tons of activity) but a Carribean cruise had tons of all you can eat fried food & a midnight chocolate buffet plus massive booze. Still even the later had salad bars & fruit & less crazy choices – you just had to hunt them out. Same with activity. The bigger ships have fancy gyms (with ocean views!), lap pools, etc.

  2. Allison Says:

    This came up in one of my classes! If you go to the seated dinner vs. the buffet you might come out ahead!

  3. Caron Says:

    I’ve never been on a cruise, and never will because the thought of being cooped up on a ship — even a very large ship — with thousands of people is kind of terrifying to me. Yes, I realize that is kind of phobic. Also, almost every person I’ve ever talked to who went on a cruise only talked about eating five times a day and midnight chocolate bars. Doesn’t that remind you of that movie Wall-E?

    Still, I’ve been reading your blog long enough to know that you will not be the norm, and I’m totally looking forward to hearing about your experience on a cruise. There has to be more to it than unlimited eating for a week or two.

    I only do salad buffets and Indian buffets. With the Indian food, I fill my plate half full with salad and then only put a single layer of my favorites on the other half. No piling of food allowed. 🙂

  4. deirdrebeth Says:

    Long cruises are *wonderful*. I think of it as the taster’s menu for countries/areas you might want to visit again.

    As far as food, there is always lots of salads and fresh fruits. At the sit-downs you’ll get an assigned waiter who really will be there to help. Ask them to recommend the healthiest meals, or straight up to bring you salad/fruit/seared meat/whatever works for you and they will.

    There will also be exercise opportunities galore. Ignoring the walking/swimming/whatever you’ll be doing on land there are pools, gyms, classes, long decks for running, and dancing to keep you on your feet.

    Have an absolute blast!

    YMMV, but my first time we ended up scheduling too much on each stop. It was a blast but I didn’t feel like I got any vacation on my vacation. One place per stop max, and take advantage of the onboard entertainment. It’s not only included in the price it’s usually high quality stuff!

    Oh yeah, and on a cruise the only thing guaranteed is X many days on the boat. Stops may change due to weather or onboard issues.

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