NYT Thinks They Just Discovered What I’ve Been Saying For Years

They should just hire me to write their articles on weight loss. Today the New York Times published a follow-up story to the one on Monday about the Biggest Loser (I wish so hard I didn’t have to have a tag for that bloody show), and in it they confirm just about EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve been saying here on this blog for years. Their article:

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Weight Loss

You guys, I’ve said all of these things, but years ago! I’ve been here saying this stuff all along.

Like, for example, it doesn’t matter if you lose weight slow or lose weight fast – I said that in 2012. Although, granted, their reason for why it doesn’t matter isn’t quite the same as mine. They do, however, confirm that losing it fast gives a higher chance of keeping people engaged long enough to actually meet their goals.

I’ve said again and again that strength training doesn’t do much to increase my metabolism (nothing really does). They agree.

They say you should try one diet after another until you find the one that works for you. I said the same thing in 2011.

The only hope they have to offer is that of constant vigilance. Hell, not only have I said that forever, I even told you where to find the handbook for long-term weight management in 2011. So that, you know, if you wanted to try you’d have a handy reference guide that lays it all out. As well as talking about the day-in-day-out steps I take to implement that vigilance for over 13 years.

I should write a book. How do I get a book contract? These people…acting like they just discovered long-term weight management. That’s just getting annoying now to those of us who’ve been practicing it for years.


One Response to “NYT Thinks They Just Discovered What I’ve Been Saying For Years”

  1. yolsgaard Says:

    Agreed with everything but would like to confirm your findings on strength training affect on metabolism. So, if your metabolism leaves you needing to consume say 400 calories less per day than before to maintain your weight – there was a thought that a slowed down metabolism could be jolted and reset by shocking your system – doing weights intensely for 20 minutes, then resting, then doing more… then doing something like stretching or walking or jogging the next day – basically interval training but changing up the kind of exercise to allow for rest and recovery. Any luck with that in your experience? I find those biggest loser people stories so sad – it’s impossible for them to keep the weight off, even if they are trying to maintain what they did. I have just experienced a bounce-back to where I was before I lost all that weight. And all it took was a back injury. Still fighting the fight though. You can’t just give up because it is impossible. I am curious to know more about the latest flood of advice on the interwebs to incorporate interval training and weights.

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