Week 4 Numbers: More Data Acquired. Dammit.

I stayed on target all week, no slips or eating off-plan, as I expect of myself. I had 50 servings of fruits/veggies. I had 37 meal replacements. I burned 5,540 (!) calories in physical activity. I averaged a net caloric intake of ~614 calories per day. As you can see, I met my exercise goal and exceeded it (goal was to burn 5000 calories this week).

You might expect that I had a fantastic result on the scale this week. If you do you either haven’t been coming around here long, or haven’t been paying attention. I lost a half pound. The math says I should have lost 2 at the very least. So, I stand by my previous statement about a slow metabolism and my disparaging comments about the Mayo Clinic (wankers). That brings my total this push to 7.5 pounds down. Woohoo I guess.

My coach says it’s probably a case of “the check is in the mail” and it’ll show up next week. Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. The thing is, when it is, I usually don’t get both weeks worth of payoff next week. And that’s some frustrating BS let me tell you.

To work SO HARD this week for so very little to show for it would normally be massively depressing were I not already battling some epic level depression this week. As it is, there really wasn’t much further for things to drop emotionally, so I was like, “Mmm hmm. Sure, why not?” when I stepped off the scale.

My plan for the coming week is to scale it back a bit. Obviously reaching new highs on the exercise portion of the equation is not helpful, so I will reel it back a bit to a level that has worked before. I think that 3500 to 4000 calories per week is really my “sweet spot” where exercise is concerned. It’s the level where my body needs to be to maintain or lose. Going much higher hasn’t produced desirable results so that’s an experiment I don’t need to repeat.

Other than that – please send cute pictures of kittens. Bunnies or puppies would also be acceptable.


4 Responses to “Week 4 Numbers: More Data Acquired. Dammit.”

  1. livelovelose2016 Says:

    I completely understand this. I have weeks where I push myself a lot harder than normal, and end up losing less weight than I normally would. But a loss is still a loss, so good job! And I’m here if you need support šŸ™‚

  2. Karen Says:

    This Saturday is Bunanza day at one of the local shelters. All Bunny adoption fees are 50% less. Don’t you think your two kitties would love a bunny? OK, maybe not quite that way. Though ours are clamoring for one. They just don’t realize that BunBun would kick their kitty butts.

  3. Figgy Says:

    How about a picture of my cute doggy?!
    But seriously, I’ve had weeks of being on plan, being careful and counting, measuring, every morsel that passes through my lips, without losing an ounce at the clinic, even showing almost 2 lb. gain! Then suddenly the loss shows up a couple of weeks in a row. The nutritionist says sometimes you need to eat more to increase a slow metabolism, maybe add 50-100 calories a day and see what happens. That scares me. But now I do give myself a range of calories, depending on how hungry I feel. That seems to help. I never was very good at identifying true hunger. I’m getting better at it now.

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