New (to me) Gear – Running Earbuds

I don’t want to talk about how incredibly socially isolating it can be when you’re working on losing weight. I don’t want to talk about it because today it really hurts. Maybe I’ll post about it later when it’s not so raw.

I plotted a five mile run today, and then I ran it. There’s a steep hill in the middle of this route, and I’ll admit that I dropped out of a run and power-walked up it. There was a time when I didn’t have to do that, and I intend to get back to that.

New gear is great though. Getting new gear makes a run feel interesting and new. I’ve been experimenting with music delivery lately. For the last 13 years I’ve been running with big clunky over-ear headphones. Even once earbuds came out and you got a pair of them with every electronic item you bought, I couldn’t run with them because they’d fall out or feel like they were about to fall out the whole time. So I stuck with the big over-ear ones from the ’80s. With my Walkman.

Ha! Just kidding. I don’t use a Walkman. I use a 10 year old iPod. Really. I’m the last person who still uses an iPod and not my cell phone! Because I’m a Luddite. But this Luddite finally had it with over-ear headphones. The problem is that, for me, more than about 3 miles and they started rubbing raw spots on my ears where they made contact if I was using regular ones like you get at the gym for free at fancier places (that’s where I got my last pair). That hurts. So I ordered some over-ear headphones with more padding that were described as being good for running in the keywords. HA! They looked ridiculous. Entirely too big and bulky for running, and with summer coming, too hot and heavy.earbud

So I finally got with the most recent decade and bought some new-style running ear buds that looked like they’d stay in place securely. Got them yesterday and took them out this morning on my 5-miler. That works. They came with three different size earpieces. The large and the medium didn’t work because while they were great for noise cancellation due to filling the whole ear canal, the last thing I want when I’m out running on a lonely trail or sidewalk is to not be able to hear what’s going on around me. The smallest ones were perfect, I could hear my music clearly and also the noises around me. They didn’t hurt at all, even at my new longer distance.

Here’s a pic of them sitting securely in my ears after five miles. Oh and a little bug stuck to my face. It happens. And my freckles. They get darker when I exert myself. Basically I’m a giant sweaty mess when I finish a run.

And I definitely met my exercise goal this week – exceeded it even!


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