Exercise Challenge Speedbump

I set myself a challenge to reach 5000 calories burned in exercise this week. Actually, the class I attend had a challenge for everyone to push themselves at physical activity. Since I’ve been hitting 4000 the last couple of weeks, I figured a stretch would be to aim for 5000. Then I did something that could have derailed me.

Tuesday morning I did the Straight Up Strength workout, because strong muscles are important. If you watch this video the deadlifts start about 16:20 and they’re paired with some rows using the heavier set of weights. I used 15 lbs. I hadn’t done deadlifts recently, and certainly not with 15s, but of course I did the full sets because I’m not a shirker! You maybe see my error. I woke up Wednesday morning and the back half of my legs were in agony. So sore! Much DOMS. Oh my glutes and hammies were shrieking. They settled down a bit as I got moving, but not a lot.

I was determined to get the run in that I’d planned for Wednesday though, since I googled about running when sore and it said it’s fine if you don’t plan to push distance or speed, and it doesn’t hurt more after the first mile. So I plotted a 3.5 mile distance instead of the 4.5 I’d hoped for and went anyway. I can’t say that was my best call, or that it felt nice, but it didn’t hurt more after the first mile. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about soreness, it’s that there’s virtually nothing I can do to make it run its course any faster than it will so I should get on with things despite it. But, I didn’t get the long run that I’d hoped to add to my numbers for my challenge this week.

Thursday morning I woke up just as sore as Wednesday if not more so (you know it’s bad when the sitting motion hurts so much you’d rather stand, and when  you do sit it hurts because you’re sitting on those muscles!), I went out for a walk to try to loosen things up, instead of the usual intense workout session I do in the mornings. It was ok, but yesterday was more sore than I’d like to be. I called it a rest day and my morning walk was all I did for physical activity. I even took a nap in the afternoon after work.

This morning I finally got my longer run, and it felt so good! There’s something about a rest day that really works. Everything felt good. Sometimes when you run it’s a slog and you spend the whole time looking forward to the end. And some days everything lines up and your body is ok with the running and you feel like you could keep on going forever. Today was one of those good days. I’m still a little sore in my legs from Tuesday, but only very mildly so.

Right now I’m up to 4050 calories burned this so far week (Monday through Sunday). I have 950 to go, which is easily doable as long as I stick to my usual habits this weekend. I’m on track to meet my goal!



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