Week 3 Numbers, and Rest Day Planning

I stayed on target all week, no slips or eating off-plan (this is a given for me when I’m in the groove). I had 49 servings of fruits/veggies. I had 37 meal replacements. I burned 4,405 calories in physical activity. I averaged a net caloric intake of ~808 calories per day. These numbers are very similar to last week, I think I’ve found my groove here.

I’ve been slowly increasing my run distances, since running appears to be the only exercise my body really respects. By which I mean, I can do yoga and lift weights until I’m blue in the face, but if I want to drop pounds I need to be running. Running longer distances means that even though I had two rest days this week, I still had a higher burn total than last week. I don’t find rest days all that restful, personally, but that’s because they usually happen by accident and I don’t realize they’re a rest day until I haven’t gotten any exercise. If I miss my morning workout slot, I spend the day ruminating on when I’m going to get my exercise in, trying to place it various ways within my day like a tetris piece and failing, then I reach the end and realize it isn’t going to happen so whoops: it’s a de facto rest day.

I recognize that I could plan for rest days, however that leaves me without the flexibility I need in my schedule, so instead I always expect every day to be an exercise day, and try to follow through on that plan. If I get to the weekend and I’ve executed every day during the week, I take Sunday as a rest day.

I’ve also noticed a decrease in frequency of migraines over the last few weeks. I’ve been averaging 1 per week since I started up again, instead of 2-4. That’s a pleasant reminder that my body likes this routine. And also that alcohol is my biggest trigger. No alcohol on my current plan means fewer migraines.


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