Exercise Routine Confirmed

Yesterday confirmed something I was pretty sure I already knew – the exercise routine I have developed for myself is the way it is for a reason. And that reason is because any variation and the whole thing falls apart.

As I mentioned, I had to go into the office to sit in some meetings and yesterday’s meeting started at 9am. My normal exercise routine occurs in the mornings from around 8:30am to 9:30am. Obviously I wasn’t going to be able to exercise in the morning (don’t even start with “get up earlier.” I already know from long experience that’s a non-starter for my body). My mental plan was to get some exercise in the late afternoon after work.

Here’s what went really well yesterday: Food. I packed all the food I would need for the day, so that when management brought in pizzas for everyone in order to enable us to work through lunch (yes, I see right through this tactic), I simply slipped out, microwaved my pre-portioned meal in the break room, and stayed on plan. That room smelled deliciously of pizza but since I had a plan and everything I needed I didn’t even look at pizza (I’m totally serious, I don’t look at food I don’t intend to eat. I also don’t window shop, for similar reasons), although I did enjoy the smell.

Here’s what happened when I got home from work: Nothing. My body was adamant that not even a walk would occur. It was cold and windy out, which was why the walk wasn’t happening. And I was just fatigued and didn’t feel up to even a low-key workout. And I know this about my body. I know this so hard. I know that I have to hit the hardcore exercise in the morning or it simply won’t happen at all. That’s why I do it in the morning. Routine confirmed: morning exercise is my bag. Check.

Instead I had a nice hot bath last night after dinner, which also ensured I didn’t end up snacking all evening. And this morning my run went beautifully, so maybe a rest day was exactly what my body needed. I did the new longer distance (4 miles), and didn’t hear a single bodily complaint, everything was grooving right along. Win!

Anyway, sometimes I get the firm reminder that my routine is the way it is because nothing else works. I suppose that, eventually, if my only option was working out in the evening, I could brute-force it into happening, but it would be a struggle every time and eventually it would feel like an onerous burden – it’s really hard to maintain a routine when you’re working against yourself. So much better to find a time, place, & activity that feels positive and stick with it!


2 Responses to “Exercise Routine Confirmed”

  1. Figgy Says:

    I went walking in that wind, and it was pretty miserable.

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