Workday Planning

I had no trouble meeting my co-worker for drinks and sticking to sparkling water Tuesday night because I had made a plan, so I followed it. That’s the magic of making a plan – if a plan already exists it’s easier to follow it than to make a decision in the moment. At least for me.

Which is great because yesterday and today I’ve had to go into the office for day-long meetings. This is a change to my usual routine, which means I’ve needed to make a plan. A plan involves either figuring out what I can eat there, or bringing what I need. Since there’s nothing there, I have to bring my food. I have an insulated lunch bag which I will pack with things I can eat. I also bring a big unbreakable cup to fill with water when I get there (I’m so over disposable plastic bottles – that shit just ends up in a whale’s stomach killing her slowly), so I can sip water throughout the day. I also have a shaker bottle I can make a shake in for mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

Yesterday I went for a long run before heading to the office, and even had a walk after work so I ended up burning over a thousand calories in exercise! That’s a new high for me. Today’s meeting starts very early though so I won’t have time for morning exercise. I’ll have to do a workout DVD or a walk after things wrap up this afternoon.

I can’t stress enough how reassuring it is to me to always have a plan. Having to make decisions constantly throughout the day is exhausting, so I really rely on my plan to free up my energy for more important thoughts throughout the day.


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