Week 2 Complete: Other Signs of Progress

After last Monday’s annoying results, I’ve been keeping my head down and focusing on working my program to the max. So if my results are less-than-great this week there is absolutely no biological or physical reason for it. None that I can think of.

I stayed on target all week, no slips or eating off-plan (this is a given for me when I’m in the groove). I had 52 servings of fruits/veggies (4 more than last week – more is better!). I had 38 meal replacements. I burned 4,345 calories in physical activity (550 more than last week!). I averaged a net caloric intake of ~820 calories per day (last week it was 860, all of that difference is due to exercise because my total cals was more this week than last week).

However, since I need that silver lining, that glimmering prize, that sign of life, some sort of signal that all this effort is paying off, I got out the measuring tape this morning and I am a solid three-quarters of an inch down at both waist and hips. Suck it, scale!

My next challenge: A weekend getaway coming up wherein I try to not be a total downer because I can’t eat at restaurants. I foresee a lot of picnicing for us – picnics are fun! Even hotel-room picnics are something my husband and I occasionally enjoy on vacation. Packing a cooler full of delicious, healthy food then staying in for the evening can be a nice change and inexpensive, too (compared to going to a fancy, crowded eatery)! The best thing I can do is reframe the experience into something good, instead of letting it be a downer or something onerous.


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