My Workout Routine Right Now

I haven’t talked about my workouts in a while, because I’ve been focused on getting the food part right. But, rest assured, the workouts have continued apace (or rather, even more apace!). I’ve started doing a little extra activity most weekdays, since I’m on a push right now. Time will tell whether it’s sustainable long term, but for now my routine is to do at least 30 minutes of high-intensity exercise in the mornings first thing after breakfast, and then a walk in the evening, usually 30 to 50 minutes.

The walk is more for clearing my head after the work day and getting some fresh air, working the kinks out of my shoulders after hunching over my desk all day. If I can run some errands that are walking-distance at the same time (“destination exercise”) that’s a great bonus.

The morning workout is where the hard work gets done. Usually I do a DVD or YouTube workout with a trainer. This morning’s may have been a little too intense for me, actually, I did a Kickboxing Circuit Workout with my favorite trainer. There were a few too many points where I needed to just stop and march for a few seconds for my taste, which means I have room to improve next time.

Yesterday morning I went for a run, a little over 3 miles. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was doing when I was happier with my body, and it was mostly cardio, to be honest – a lot of running. Strength training is great, but it doesn’t really do the things for me that I want – big pumped-up muscles aren’t a priority, since you can’t really see them anyway on my body type. I want to be strong enough to do the things I want to do, but anything more is unnecessary. So I’m trying to do more running and biking and fewer heavy weight-lifting workouts. I aim to maintain the muscle mass I’ve built over the last year, not build any more.

So that’s the rundown. Two sessions of cardio per day right now, high-intensity in the mornings,  and a walk in the evenings. Weekends are a different beast, usually I only have time for one or the other, but since I’ve got a solid routine during the week, I don’t need to push quite so hard on the weekends where physical activity is concerned.


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