*fearfully peers at scale through fingers..*

I got on the scale for the first time today in over 14 months. The last time I got on the scale was January of 2015. But, in order to tackle a problem you have to quantify it.

I knew I’d gained, I knew it was noticeable (to me and probably to anybody who knew me) but I needed to know how bad.

Well…I gained 10 pounds in 14 months. It SURE could have been a lot worse. It makes the solution a lot more manageable to know that my initial goal is 10 pounds because I know that’s completely doable. (I read an article recently that claimed that the threshold for a noticeable weight change is 8 pounds – anything less wouldn’t really be noticeable. I think that’s true for me.)

My stretch goal is 20 pounds. I would like to maintain a weight that is about 20 pounds down from where I am today. So I need to create a lifestyle that supports it. I know that I can do that, but it will require some sacrifices and some changes to current routines. Mostly around eating – like I said, I have a rock solid workout regimen – last week I burned over 4400 calories in exercise, so physical activity is not the problem.

So that’s my initial and long-term goal with re-starting Maintenance (or Phase 2 I guess they’re calling it now?) classes again. I have a goal and it’s specific and achievable.


Edited to add: You know what? This lapse isn’t nearly as bad as the last one. The last time I needed to lose 50 pounds. This time it’s only 10 or 20. Maybe I’m getting better at this, after all these years?


3 Responses to “*fearfully peers at scale through fingers..*”

  1. Figgy Says:

    Oh good, you were brave! And smart to address it now before it gets more out of hand.

  2. Karen P Says:

    Glad you responded more quickly this time, very good. I’ve had a small re-gain (5-8 pounds) from my original 70 pounds. Doc says post menopause with post obesity, I can expect 5-10 pound gain- even though I’m eating squeaky clean and exercise and sleep seem to be on point.

    It’s no fun, but I think you’ll find it very worth it to do the work. Onward and here’s to habit change.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Brave and human! You are very inspirational!

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