Treating Myself

I’ve modified my blitz this week so that I can have a glass of wine in the evening if I feel like it. An occasional glass of wine with dinner is good for you. Or so I have read.

This week I’m alternating cardio and strength workouts. Monday I did Superset Sculpting. I was sore again, but not nearly as much as last week, the first time I did it. So yesterday I figured a nice light cardio workout would be perfect, and found Disco Dance Walk. That was fun, and I really enjoyed the music!

This morning I tried out 2-in-1 Toning. It says it’s a 30-minute workout, but it felt shorter. I see now that it’s 28 minutes, and it really flew by! I definitely feel like it worked everything though, no shortchanging there. I expect to be sore tomorrow, when I hope to go out for a run, depending on the weather. (It was below 40 degrees F here this morning. Too cold for me! I’m a delicate flower.)

And finally, I found this article on treats that don’t involve eating or shopping. This is a great list! I’m strongly considering making myself a DIY face mask later today. How do you treat yourself in a healthy way?


One Response to “Treating Myself”

  1. Monique Lloyd Says:

    I get a pedi/mani for every 5 pounds I lose. A facial for 10 pounds. And when I get to my goal I will get a message; I’ve never had one!

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