Long time no post…

I didn’t fall off the wagon, I just didn’t have anything to say other than, “Working out, eating right.” It’s the painful truth of long-term weight maintenance. It’s a long-term grind and it’s the same thing every day – workout, eat right.

This week I’ve been doing ballet, aka barre workouts. They are a lot harder than you expect them to be (especially if all you have are 5 lb weights when your YouTube instructor recommends and is using 3 lbs!). As you can probably imagine, it’s an intense leg workout, but as a surprise, it’s also an intense arms, shoulders, back and chest workout too. I find this very satisfying! I need to get a chair with a shorter back for that second workout I linked to above though.

Yesterday I had meetings all morning and couldn’t get any exercise in until lunchtime, so I took an hour-long walk around my neighborhood after scarfing down an HMR entree.

This week I started tracking again in MyFitnessPal because I had a bit of a blowout weekend camping at Joshua Tree National Park, which was amazing and otherworldly and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a beautiful camping getaway! I probably indulged too much (s’mores! trail mix! so good!)  which left me feeling a need to tighten up my behaviors this week with more focused tracking and exercise.

So how are your long-term lifestyle behaviors coming along this week?


Seated Workouts

Two posts in one day! I’m a madwoman!

Actually, I just remembered to post this for a couple of friends I know who have some mobility issues but still want to get some exercise. I was reminded because another friend of mine popped up today and said she was having some issues as well but still wanted to exercise.

Guys, I am so impressed with you. Seriously. I am so impressed that people who are already fighting so hard every day, dealing with chronic pain and trouble getting around, STILL want to find a way to move it, move it! I consider these ladies to be role models of inner strength and determination!

So here’s this video I found from my favorite YouTube trainer, Jessica Smith. It’s a 40-minute Seated Chair Cardio and Strength Workout. Obviously 40 minutes is a pretty long and intense workout if it’s been a while, so if you’re not ready for that, try this one: 20-minute Abs, Legs, and Arms workout.

Another shorter one you might enjoy is 15-minute Chair Yoga. And when you’re done, or anytime really, check out the 10-Minute Seated Chair Stretch video.

I’ve been searching around on this topic, and there are a lot of YouTube vids out there, like this 10-minute Seated Cardio workout from sparkpeople, but they tend to not have any music or be boring or repetitive. I personally don’t think you should have to do a dull or monotonous workout due to a physical limitation. But, just because I couldn’t turn up anything better doesn’t mean you can’t! It’s out there. Shoot me a comment if you have a seated workout you love that I haven’t mentioned so I can post the link!

Update – Here’s another program: Sit and Be Fit (Thanks Trystan!)

Treating Myself

I’ve modified my blitz this week so that I can have a glass of wine in the evening if I feel like it. An occasional glass of wine with dinner is good for you. Or so I have read.

This week I’m alternating cardio and strength workouts. Monday I did Superset Sculpting. I was sore again, but not nearly as much as last week, the first time I did it. So yesterday I figured a nice light cardio workout would be perfect, and found Disco Dance Walk. That was fun, and I really enjoyed the music!

This morning I tried out 2-in-1 Toning. It says it’s a 30-minute workout, but it felt shorter. I see now that it’s 28 minutes, and it really flew by! I definitely feel like it worked everything though, no shortchanging there. I expect to be sore tomorrow, when I hope to go out for a run, depending on the weather. (It was below 40 degrees F here this morning. Too cold for me! I’m a delicate flower.)

And finally, I found this article on treats that don’t involve eating or shopping. This is a great list! I’m strongly considering making myself a DIY face mask later today. How do you treat yourself in a healthy way?