Superset Sculpting Workout

Body parts currently very angry with me: Arms. Chest. Inner thighs. Abs.

I’d call that a successful workout! Yesterday I did Superset Sculpting and while it flew by fast, it left lingering reminders in the form of soreness! I don’t mind one bit, being sore makes me feel alive, a constant reminder that I’m improving my body.

I went for a walk in the evening yesterday too, mostly because I’d done nothing on Monday due to an impending work deadline that had me grinding all day long until late in the evening with no time for exercise.

Today I’m mostly down for stretching and maybe a walk later. Nothing too vigorous after working it so hard yesterday!

I’m still Blitzing, and still staying on-program. It’s easy for me once I’m in the groove, although I’ve been having cravings in the evenings after dinner that I need to find a way to quash. I’ve accepted that I won’t really see any changes in my body with all this virtuous effort, but clothes fitting better and having less overall pain is a worthy goal, too.

I’m also considering trying out RentTheRunway. My husband’s 50th birthday is coming up and a glam party is in order, as well as a sparkly dress. Since I just culled a bunch of dresses I don’t/can’t wear anymore, I’m not seeing much appeal to buying a fancy dress I’ll only wear a few times. Has anybody used this service before, and what did you think?


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