Weekend Recap and a Good Monday


12th Night Costume


Bein’ all sassy.

Something amazing happened this morning! I woke up without a headache for the first time in…4-5 days. I’m hoping this means I’ve broken the rebound cycle. It’s tiresome.

That means I spent the weekend having almost constant aching in my noggin. That’s tiresome too. I still managed to have a fantastic time at the fanciest dress-up event my local SCA group puts on each year – 12th Night! As you all know my side hobby is costuming, and I’m pretty pleased with how my 16th Century/ Elizabethan-era costume came together for this weekend. I made the white dress with the zig-zags on the bodice and sleeves, while the overgown was a gift from a friend, as was the red cap.

Friday night we had a theme party at the hotel bar, the theme was Prom! Prom! Prom! and I wore my original prom dress from 1992, only had to take it in a little. People are confused when I say that – hey, I was a big girl most of my life. Bigger than I am now, anyway. My friend Stacy even created a balloon arch for the party so we could re-live the glory! Which made me really happy because I don’t have any pictures left from my original prom when I was 17. And even if I did I don’t have many fond memories of my prom date from back then. Making new memories!

In an unintentional way I was good about my food choices all weekend too – I completely avoided alcohol which is probably where a lot of my excess calories come in. Not because I was being virtuous, but because it’s a big migraine trigger for me and when I’m already battling them avoiding alcohol is pretty much mandatory if I don’t want to make things worse than they already are. And Saturday my darling husband took me out to a seafood restaurant for dinner, it was easy to make healthy choices there.


This time I took the right date to Prom!

So today was already off to a good start – no headache, and coming off the high of a fun weekend with lots of friends!

After last week’s experiments with Barre and Kickboxing workouts, I couldn’t decide which I wanted to do this morning. Then I was searching on my Roku (why can’t that be easier? I mean, yeah, it’s cool that Roku lets me stream YouTube through my big flat-screen TV so I can have fun new workouts, but obviously I want it all!) and I found a Kickboxing Ballet workout with my favorite new trainer. It’s like she read my mind! These ballet workouts are harder on the arms than I expected – I had a little trouble raising my hands above my shoulder to grab the soap in the shower afterwards!

And I’m back to blitzing and tracking my food. Tonight I’m having dinner with Allie, we’ll both be eating our entrees and veggies, then maybe go for a walk or watch some David Bowie movies.



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