If It’s a Weekday I Must Be Blitzing

I may stop calling it blitzing and just start calling it how I eat. It works for me, to stick to lots of fruits and veggies and portion-controlled entrees.

This morning I did a new workout for me, a Barre Workout, which I assumed meant it would be incorporating ballet moves (and I was right). Mostly I picked it because it was the first workout to come up on my Roku YouTube channel. I have no idea why, because when I get on my laptop and search for barre workouts on the same channel, there are lots and lots of them, but this is the one that came up, and since I’ve never done such a thing, I thought I’d give it a try. I also thought that it would be a light, easy workout because you know those ballet ladies, they always look so placid and calm.

Oh stop laughing. You can stop now.

I had a friend in college who’d trained seriously as a ballerina and the horror stories she told me about the abuse it put her body through would curl your hair (or straighten it if it’s already curled).

Anyway, this may be the workout that finally convinces me to get out there and buy the 3-pound weights already. I’ve been getting by with just a set of 5s and 10s, but I really think I need to get the 3s and 8s if I’m going to keep doing Jessica Smith workouts. OH my goodness. I had to switch out for soup cans halfway through. I will definitely be feeling it in shoulders, and my legs tomorrow, probably the quads.

But…the time passed so quickly that I didn’t feel that I’d gone long enough after it was over, so I did a quick 1-mile power walk. This was a great choice, as it was a light, breezy cardio workout, with bonus bulldog antics. I could see myself pulling this up for a break from work or whenever I have 20 minutes for a workout and just to clear my mind and get my body moving. I’m having a very challenging time at work right now and getting moving really helps with stress management when the pressure gets too much.

Yesterday I did a Jillian workout, and Sunday morning I went for a run. It’s nice to have the Festive Eating Season behind us, my body craves routine in both diet and exercise.


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