I got to move it, move it

It’s still raining today (yay!) here in NorCal, so I decided to work out indoors. Since I did strength yesterday, I pulled up my newest trainer crush on YouTube and did this 40-minute indoor jogging workout. Although, I think the title is misleading. It’s a 40-minute cardio workout that can be done at any level. She gives a low-impact version of every move, and while I tried to stick with doing the high-impact one, there were a few times when I dropped into the low-impact move for a few steps to catch my breath.

I highly recommend this workout if you’re stuck indoors due to weather, bored of your treadmill, or just interested in what can be done in a small space at home. It’s 40 minutes – give it a try!

If you’ve got great weather though and can go out for a run, do that! Because I just saw this article that says that even only 10 minutes of running a day can bestow fantastic health benefits!

Of course, that’s not going to burn enough calories to maintain a large weight loss, but it does seem to be enough for other protective health benefits. If you can’t run more than 10 minutes a day that’s fine, you can walk the rest of the time – one of the articles linked there helpfully points out that walking is probably better than a fancy gym membership anyway. I heartily concur. My weight loss almost entirely happened without access to a gym. I walked and walked and walked.

Let’s all move it, move it today!


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