Weekend of Wretched Excess/Back on Target

Wow, what a weekend! I went to 4 parties, 2 Saturday and 2 Sunday. All of them featured delicious food and treats, and I am still human. I proved it by indulging a bit. A lot.

I’d feel much worse about it if I hadn’t planned for it already by blitzing most of November and every non-weekend day in December. In fact, this morning starts my last mini-blitz of the year! I’ll be doing the HMR Healthy Solutions diet plan and exercising hardcore too. Today my strong start so far has been great – last week I re-started the Ripped in 30 DVD from the beginning, so today I started my day strong by working through the Week 2 workout for the first time this cycle. 12369042_10153168114836384_8213184635568786136_n

Today it is raining good and hard here in Northern California. We need it so badly that I will happily do my workout DVDs for as long as it wants to rain. And then I’ll get back out there and run when it’s not raining. It’s good to have options for either scenario!

Here’s a pic of me and the man dressed up and feelin’ swank, taken at one of the parties we attended this weekend, a holiday cocktail party! I found my dress at the thrift shop back in August and have been looking forward to wearing it ever since – it just screamed “holiday party” and fit me perfectly, who could resist for $15?

Ok, a final push of blitzing for me this week! I honestly don’t know if what I’m doing – blitzing during the week then enjoying myself on the weekends – is considered a good or bad idea by the dieting experts. What I know is that I’m probably going to overindulge a little bit on the weekends during the holidays anyway, so trying to balance that out with in-the-box/on-program days during the week seems to me like the best solution to a tricky situation. It’s doing something, rather than doing nothing and accepting a big weight gain during the holidays as normal.


One Response to “Weekend of Wretched Excess/Back on Target”

  1. Caron Turner Says:

    Your plan sounds great to me. I generally plan for the times I’ll be eating more than usual. Love the picture. 🙂

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