Promises to Myself, and Kickboxing!

In my last post I said “I’m going to think about maybe going for a run tomorrow ,” which was yesterday. I did, in fact, go for a run yesterday, and it was nice. A short loop (exactly 2 miles, I checked) down to and along the canal near my house. I was rewarded with a blue heron sighting. Magnificent bird, the blue heron. They’re only here in the winter.

I’m not sure how it works for you, but I have to play a constant mental game to stay on target. If on Friday I had said, “I am absolutely committing to you all publicly that I will go for a run tomorrow,” that would have been counter-productive for me. Whereas for some people, that is very motivating. Different strokes for different folks. For me, laying out a tentative plan that I know has a good chance of working into my schedule for the day is enough. Making a hard commitment without any leeway would work against me, and I’d feel trapped and resentful. Then I might not do it because of the resentfulness, or something came up, or I had a migraine, or whatever, and then I’d feel like a failure because I promised you all (and myself) and then I failed. Living in my brain is hard, y’all.

Good run yesterday, though. And today I tried something new to mix things up. I’m kind of bored with the Jillian DVDs I have on hand, so I tried a new trainer that I found on YouTube. I’m pretty impressed, she does home workouts, in a small space, with her dog nearby. What more do you need?? A trainer that understands that I don’t have a whole fitness studio to work out in. And I have to dodge pets occasionally. That’s pretty much perfect! I did Kick Butt Kickbox and boy am I going to be sore tomorrow. It’s not my first time doing a kickbox workout – I did one once in 2007 with a friend – but it’s close enough to my first time as may as well be. Thing I like about kickbox workout – I feel like a badass when I’m doing the moves. I may look like a flailing muppet, but I feel butch. And it’s new to me so I have room to improve.

This trainer, Jessica Smith, has a whole YouTube channel – JessicaSmithTV – of different types and lengths of workout. All done from her home with her dog sleeping in the corner. Check it out if you’re looking for something to do at home! I’m pleased to have something new on the exercise front to explore, it will keep me intrigued and interested for at least the next few weeks.

Good workout. How ’bout you. Got any plans to try something new this week?


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