Friday and I’m Feeling No Pain

I felt pretty good when I woke up this morning. Hey – welcome to my 40s, any day that I wake up without any obvious sites of physical agony is a good day!

I had thought I would start back in on exercise yesterday, but I hadn’t counted on the Migraine Hangover. It’s a real thing, yo! Mine comes with bonus nausea, so that was fun all day yesterday.

This morning, though, I wasn’t hurting when I woke up. O frabjous day! So I did my Jillian Yoga Meltdown DVD. I used to do it on days over the summer when I wasn’t feeling up to a full-on workout, as a nice light, less-strenuous workout. Well, I’m here to tell you that 2 weeks is, in fact, long enough to lose muscle strength and endurance. It was a struggle to get through. I may have collapsed once from a side plank. Might have gone something like this…

*Sounds of elbows, knees, hands, torsos, etc. hitting the floor*
Husband (from other room): ARE YOU OK?
Me: Stop pointing out my failures!

I’m not a graceful faller. Due to my somewhat unique upbringing, my first reaction when I fall down is anger. It’s automatic, and I know it’s there, but anger is my go-to emotion when I fail hard physically. So really, the first thing you should do if you see me fall down or otherwise stumble is just look somewhere else and let me recover with some dignity. I keep trying to tell him that, but his first reaction is to be a caring, loving human. Opposites attract, I guess.

I’m going to think about maybe going for a run tomorrow morning. A short one, because obviously the 2-week layoff has impacted my abilities, but baby steps – a short run is better than nothing. I’ll get back my impressive phenomenal previous physical prowess!


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