Not such a strong start.

HI! I’m back from vacation! I went to Budapest, it was amazing – you should go if you ever get the chance!

I had intended to start back Blitzing on Tuesday morning. We got in late Monday night and I’m ready to lose12308173_10153133541076384_1756213221578972840_o the pounds I probably picked up in Hungary. But…yesterday we had nothing in the house after 10 days away – no fruits and veggies for sure! So I wasn’t able to really start yesterday. This morning I woke up with a monster migraine. So while we now have fruits and veggies in the house due to my sainted husband going out yesterday with a cold to the grocery store, and while I can certainly follow the eating plan part of the show, there’s no way I’m exercising with my head in the state it is (compounded with the general jet-lag, plus already feeling under the weather with a possible cold). Not the start I had intended.

Hoping and planning to pick myself up and brush myself off with some exercise tomorrow. Probably something light to work my way back to it. Here’s a picture I took in Budapest. It’s a beautiful, beautiful city.

How are your winter exercise goals coming along?


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