Blitz Wrap-Up!

Today is the last day of my Blitz! I’m feeling pretty good about my efforts! I was out of the box maybe twice, once was for some saltines due to a late-night tummy ache (due to taking a Tramadol, due to my shoulder) and once was a bite of scone at the Armistice Day Tea.

I don’t get on the scale anymore, but I’m feeling leaner and lighter. If I had to I’d guess I lost 5-8 pounds in these 3 weeks. But who cares? Scales aren’t for me anymore. I think I will recommence with the Healthy Solutions program when I get back from my Thanksgiving vacation, on a somewhat limited scale (I’ll allow myself to enjoy the holiday parties I’ve already planned to attend). I feel better both mentally and physically when I’m being proactive about my diet regimen.

Right now I’m really looking forward to tomorrow morning, because my Blitz-Buddy Allie sent me this recipe for HMR In The Box Pancakes! And I picked up some zero-calorie syrup to pour over them. I love pancakes! And now I can eat them without regrets and recriminations!

And in somewhat random-but-interesting reading, here’s an article about why sports bras are so terrible. I found this to be interesting reading, for anybody who works out and also has breasts!

And finally, I found today to be a good time to re-read my article on Holiday Feast Strategies. With Thanksgiving bearing down upon us, bone up on strategies for dealing with all the rampant food about to be thrust into your face. And definitely drop me a comment if you have some I didn’t list!


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