Blitz Week 2 Is a Wrap

Today my sweetie and I went to an Armistice Day Tea, for which we dressed in 1930s-era clothing. My Blitzing Buddy Allie joined us, and made some HMR-compatible treats so us Blitzers could eat too. I tell you, the food all looked amazing, but having our “safe” options really saved the day for me. I had a single bite of a scone, just one, and it was tasty but I wasn’t willing to go any further. So I stuck to my safe foods for the rest of the tea. I still came out at 1585 calories for today, the highest total yet since I started the Blitz, but still below my Base Metabolic Rate, so no worries there.

Tonight marks the end of my 2nd week of blitzing. Last week I’d been a little unimpressed with my Physical Activity total so this week I upped my game, and I’m much happier with my numbers this week. Totals for the week: 22 shakes (I had an extra today – more is better they say!), 14 entrees, 51 fruits/veggies and 3,186 calories burned in physical activity.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do scales anymore. But, this weekend I think I may have possibly thought that I looked a little leaner than I did before I started. Maybe. So that’s good. I definitely feel more in control and like I’m making positive, supportive choices. The mental tune-up is sometimes as good as the physical, to me!

As I’m going into the last week of the Blitz I plan to stay strong throughout the final days of the challenge. Go Team!


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