Blitzing, and a Study on Childhood Obesity

I’m really having no trouble whatsoever staying on target (or “in the box” to use their terminology) with this HMR Blitz! It helps that I have very considerate friends who make socializing easy for me by offering supportive food options for me. That is the greatest.

I’ve been doing my workout DVD every morning. The last two days I haven’t been able to go out for a walk in the evening but I’m going to do that today!

This article caught my eye a couple of days ago, somebody posted it on Facebook, although it’s not particularly new news, I hadn’t seen it before:

Kids with Strict Parents Are More Likely To Be Obese

“Kids with demanding parents who are rigid about rules, stingy with affection and won’t discuss limits are far more likely to be obese than children whose parents practice a more balanced parenting style…”

“Canadian scientists found that obesity rates were about one-third higher in children up to age 11 whose parents used a so-called ‘authoritarian’ parenting style, marked by inflexibility over rules and a lack of emotional responsiveness”

First thing I have to say is wow, who thinks these studies up? It’s fantastic we have this insight, but who sat down and wrote a proposal to study parenting style effect on obesity?

And the second thing is that my personal experience absolutely confirms the findings in this study.

I’ve historically struggled with addressing childhood obesity on this blog for a couple of reasons, one is that I don’t have children myself and, wow, is talking about parenting a dangerous, landmine-laden topic! The second reason is because I was a fat kid from the day I was born. I was a chubby baby, and then as I got older I was mocked and bullied mercilessly (by strangers, acquaintances, and family alike) for it and that only made it worse. But that was when being the “fat kid” was an outlyer! Now it’s becoming more and more common and kids now are obviously dealing with environmental factors contributing to it that I don’t know existed when I was a kid. Short answer, I really don’t know enough to spout off on childhood obesity. All I know is that it’s heartbreaking and baffling and my heart weeps for kids who are dealing with it because I know just how hard it can be to live in that body and be judged by it constantly.

But, all that being said, the article and study authors seem to think there are some basic parenting strategies and behaviors that can help:

“It appears that parents who are more engaged in discussing eating and physical activity behaviors with children — where the child has the ability to participate in making decisions for the family as well as themselves — seems to be the style that has the best impact.”

This makes sense to me. I wonder if I’d have turned out different in a different environment. File that under “things we’ll never know.”


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