Bonus Post: Hunger Is The Mind Killer!

I mentioned that the Blitz I’m doing only has minimums, right? No maximums – you can eat as much as you like of everything included on the program – entrees, shakes, fruits and veggies. That’s what I mean when I say I’m “in the box” – the box is the things it’s ok to eat all I want of. And also, “more is better.” Because hunger is anathema to considered, rational decisions. About eating, about goals, and about shopping.

I came across this article today and I just had to share: Hunger Makes You Crave More Than Food

Don’t shop hungry! Hunger makes you acquisitive. If you try to starve yourself and run around hungry all the time you’ll make bad food choices, but also, you’ll end up buying a bunch of binder clips you don’t need! Plus those leggings in the checkout aisle at Ross, the funky jacket that doesn’t go with anything you already own, a bag of gummy worms, and a Snickers bar.


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