Blitzing Dinner Party

Today I had new things!

My friend Allie, who inspired me to do the Blitz, came over and we went for a walk then made dinner together – she made a fancy pants entree: Thai-Inspired Spicy Peanut Chicken. I’ve never enjoyed the Savory Chicken HMR entree because it’s one of the most bland meals they have, but this was fantastic! I’ll have to get some so I can make it for my husband.

And I made roasted shishito peppers for her to try, and she liked them! Everybody wins!

I also downloaded the HMR app, which I am evaluating for my purposes. Upside: It already has all the Healthy Solutions shakes/bars/entrees and fruits/veggies data points programmed in. Downside: Doesn’t track calories. Somewhere along the years since I “graduated,” HMR stopped requiring people to count and track them, I guess? This doesn’t really work for me, I like to have the solid data at my fingertips, and that includes tracking calories. So I’d still have to enter everything again into the MyFitnessPal app if I wanted to know the calorie total each day. Or maybe there’s a way in the HMR app and I just haven’t spent enough time with it yet to figure it out? Not sure what to do here, since neither app appears to be a perfect solution to my needs as it stands now. Screw it, I should just go back to pen and paper. That always worked perfectly for me.

Today: 3 shakes, 2 entrees, 9 fruits/veggies, total calories: ~1450. Minus the 670 I burned in physical activity. Looking good!


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