Blitz Week 2: Strong Start Day

I like to say I had a Strong Start Day, but honestly…today was like every other blitz day. I’m in my rut, and my focus switch is flipped!

I did my DVD workout this morning, which was only 30 minutes of strength circuit training, so this afternoon after I logged off of work I went for a walk. It was not a pleasant walk because I should have eaten something before I headed out and I didn’t, but I finished it. There’s no other option when you’re already out there walking, really.

I cooked this evening! I made sauteed green beans! I sort of followed this recipe, except I left out the scallions because who needs garnish, and I left out the ginger because I didn’t have any, and I substituted a couple squirts of sriracha instead of using a fresh chile, and I only used a shot of Pam instead of 2 tablespoons of oil. And it came out really tasty! I should have boiled the beans a little longer first, I will do that next time. Even with all the substitutions I made, it was delicious and flavorful. I will make it again.

Another thing on my mind today is that thing I always harp on about ignoring the Diet Media Industrial Complex, because they publish confusing, useless articles way too often. This one is no help to anyone. I’m sure the actual study was chock-full of valuable insights, but the reporting on it is abominable. I have to ignore this type of thing, it’s doing nobody any good.

Today: 3 shakes, 2 entrees, 8 fruits/veggies, totaling ~1350 calories, minus the ~660 I burned in physical activity. Looking good!


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