Blitz Week 1 Numbers

I finished week one of the Blitz today! Here’s where I ended up for the week: 21 shakes, 14 entrees, 49 fruits/veggies, and 2,381 calories burned in physical activity. The minimum for the program I’m following are (respectively) 21, 14, and 35, but more is better!VBall1

I put up pretty good numbers, but the physical activity number? That’s low for me. Minimum is 2000, so I did fine for meeting the basic requirements, but I normally do a lot better when I’m doing HMR and my PA (physical activity) number should be higher. I’m sure that all the migraines this last week played into me coming in lower. But, I can do better, and I will!

I mentioned on Friday that I had an event on Saturday that I needed to do some planning around. It was the annual Bal des Vampire (Vampire Ball) at the Elks Lodge in Alameda. It’s a really fun event, with ballroom dancing upstairs and a goth club for modern dancing downstairs, plus entertainment and socializing in between.

Before the event I ate a good dinner, because the last thing I’d want to do is VBallNewProfileshow up hungry! Then once there I avoided the bars (one outside each dancefloor) and food tables. I only know there was a food table because my husband brought me an apple slice once. I drank water and had fun socializing and dancing a little bit. I wore my Queen of Hearts costume again and carried my illuminated scepter, it is definitely a high-impact costume! We had a wonderful time and I didn’t need to eat a thing to enjoy it. Best kind of event!

Ok, coming up tomorrow – starting Week 2 of the Blitz! I’m definitely going to be working to beat my physical activity number from this week. Fingers are crossed for fewer migraines, and lots more exercise!

What can you do this week to prep for the coming Festive Eating Season? It’s coming! Oh – who is signing up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning? Those have become really common, and they’re a great way to be active and do a little preliminary calorie deficiting before the Big Feast commences! I highly recommend a Turkey Trot type race – you can walk or run, usually, whatever you feel up to!


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