Day Five, Still Alive!

I think it’s getting easier. I had no trouble today staying “in the box” and on-program. I did Level 2 of the Hardbody DVD and everything is sore now or will be by morning. some days its hard to find motivation

My husband is also in the box and staying focused, as is my friend Allison. We’re a little supportive team, and everybody is staying on track because we’re reinforcing good behaviors! Hey, this diet buddy thing might actually be something…! I’ve never really had one before, people I see at meetings don’t really count. Well, my husband has done it with me before but it’s too easy for us to justify cheating, so having somebody else doing it too helps us both. And, also, mad props because I hadn’t been planning to do it at all until Allie suggested it, and I’m really glad now that I agreed.

Today was probably the easiest day yet – I wasn’t hungry and no headaches! 3 shakes, 2, entrees, 8 fruits/veggies (wow I am really consistent!), total around 1300 calories, minus the ~575 I burned in physical activity this morning.

Tomorrow might require some planning, there’s an event in the evening I’m looking forward to, but I’ll need to be sure and fuel up before so I can make it through without feeling too hungry.


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