Blitzing Fourth!

Okay, day 4. You know how long they say most diets last? 3 days. That’s because day 4 is when you start wondering why the hell you’re doing this and if it’s all even worth it. At least, I do.

Don’t worry babies, I’m fine, I got through and stayed on target (in the box) all day.

We picked up some amazing new sugar-free Torani syrups the other night. They were at Cost Plus, which is not a place I’ve ever looked for them before. Now we have Brown Sugar Cinnamon, S’mores (!), and Belgian Cookie (Speculoos) flavors. As you can imagine, these are no good for Italian sodas, but are heaven in a shake or pudding. So far my favorite was a warm chocolate pudding with a teaspoon of S’mores syrup and a spoonful of PB2. Rich and yummy!

Another thing I’ve been doing is making a lot of tea. I like Jasmine Pearl green tea, when I’m feeling hungry for no reason hot tea settles things down, and Jasmine Pearl tastes good to me unsweetened.

Today I had 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 7 fruits/veggies totaling around 1200 calories, plus I burned 210 calories in physical activity (I walked to the library and back – feed the mind as well as the body!). I’m also having a very slight headache tonight that’s sort of lurking around on the edges of my brain, which I’m pointedly ignoring because COME ON.


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