Blitzin’ – the Most Healthy Reindeer of All!

Today was a minor challenge on my Blitz program. I had to go to an offsite meeting all day for leadership training for work. They would be providing catered snacks and lunch, so the first thing I did was pack all the snacks and food I’d need for the day in a lunch box.

At lunch I dumped my entree onto my plate along with some steamed veggies from their buffet and some salad, the latter which I didn’t eat because I found it to be heavily coated with a disgusting sweet dressing that I couldn’t stomach and wasn’t on-program anyway.

After lunch they dumped out bags of candy on all the tables, and the afternoon snack was fresh-baked chocolate cookies, which I ignored because…not food for me. I don’t even look at things like that when my diet-focus switch is flipped. Better not to look at all than to pine for them and eventually give in.


Look – it’s me and 10-years-ago me! I have better hair now.

Then this evening my husband and I met up after work and he told me about his day which he totally conquered, managing to stay on-program despite packing and then forgetting his lunch on the kitchen counter. Strong work there! We headed down to the HMR office in Sunnyvale to pick up supplies for the rest of the Blitz (I only had enough on hand for a few days when we started yesterday) and found that my earlier impression was completely wrong – almost everybody that mentored and taught me the most when I was in their program (this was over 10 years ago!) is still there! I got to catch up with my favorite teacher Karen, who is the director of the program now. And they still have my poster up!

So, today’s numbers: 3 shakes, 2 entrees, 8 servings of fruits/veggies, about 1200 calories. No physical activity today, unless you count loathing rush-hour traffic (I do it fairly vigorously, but certainly not hard enough to break a sweat).



2 Responses to “Blitzin’ – the Most Healthy Reindeer of All!”

  1. Allison Says:

    I think the increased heart rate from raging in rush hour traffic should count. Really, they should amend the program to reflect that šŸ˜›

  2. Karen Ledesma Says:

    You rock, Laina! Your husband too! We’ll never stop bragging that we know you. Sooooo good to see you last

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