Strong Start Monday!

I started my Blitz off strong today. I was on-program all day, starting with a double shake for breakfast. Then I did my hardest DVD workout, the Jillian Michaels Hardbody program, which is 45 minutes of serious punishment.

Unfortunately, later in the afternoon I started developing a migraine, which may or may not be related to the shock-to-the-system of suddenly being “in the box” after so long. I popped an imitrex and took a short nap.

I cooked a batch of baked potatoes this evening which will give me some quick microwave veggies later in the week (and for dinner tonight), and right now I’m sitting at 3 shakes, 2 entrees, and 7 servings of fruits/veggies (around 1350 calories, minus the ~575 I burned this morning makes for a nice deficit).

That’s a strong start!

Also I discovered that some of my previous mentors are still at the Sunnyvale HMR office, so I’m looking forward to a potential mini-reunion later this week when I go in for supplies!


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